INL CONSULTING is a Private Sector Development consultancy firm based in Nigeria.

The firm provides sector studies, intervention opportunity research, development-projects monitoring and evaluation, impact assessments, value chain analysis, local knowledge and expert technical assistance to (development) project management companies, governments, bilateral and multilateral funding agencies in Nigeria. Our expert knowledge of the economic conditions and how they impact the poor is based on intelligent research and years of experience in the various sector of the Nigerian economy.

The firm’s expertise in the Marking Market Work for the Poor (M4P), Value Chain Development approach to Private Sector Development and Pro-Poor interventions has consistently got it repeat business from its growing list of clients. We have experience in most sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The INL approach

At INL CONSULTING we approach our work with absolute passion, intellectual flexibility and solution-driven creativity. We conduct all our research assignments with open-mind, avoiding a pre-conceived notion of the subject matter. All advise and reports are data-driven and evidenced (secondary or survey results). We conduct research from multiple perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. This enables our clients to make intervention decisions on a qualitative and quantitative basis.

more our approach

Development Consultancy

For: Development-Project Management Companies and International Development Agencies

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Financial Modelling

INL CONSULTING offers Financial Modelling Consultancy as one of our core services.

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The INL Business Skills for Finance Professionals series comprises of three courses.

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