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We offer customised solutions to donor agencies, foundations, business membership organisations & governments that aim to sustainably improve business and farm-level competitiveness and performance.

Pro-Poor project design and implementation: Helping programmes design scalable interventions and achieve systemic change. INL Consulting utilises the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) and Value Chain Development Approaches to analyse value chains with the aim of identifying and designing systemic interventions. We leverage our core service INLVerido to collect and analyse beneficiary transactional data to ensure evidence-based intervention (re)design. While we leverage our experiences to provide M4P advisory services and training to market development and private sector development programmes Sub-Saharan Africa.

Impact assessment and Intervention opportunity research: Powering improved performance. INL uses a proven technique and approach to assess beneficiary needs in order to ensure that inputs provided to development agencies or projects accurately and adequately recognise the needs of the beneficiary so interventions can be designed to be systemic, sustainable and scalable.

Our diagnostic studies drills down on the general developmental needs to identify the primary reason behind the problems the intervention aims to resolve. Our diagnostic services gives our developmental clients a clearer picture of the environment and identify the particular areas intervention will be most effective.

INL Verido App: Leveraging mobile technology to improve business performance. INLVerido a service of INL Consulting works through an innovative subscription-based mobile and online platform that collects, analyses, and reports daily transactional information in real-time to empower SMEs to better manage their businesses; financial institutions to instantly monitor business performance of credit customers; and donor agencies and foundations to achieve deeper impact, greater outreach and enhanced monitoring.

Business Association: Building stronger business associations. We help business associations build stronger organisations that maintain accurate membership databases, deliver quality membership services that facilitate improved business performance and access to finance, and carry-out evidence based advocacy and negotiation.

Pro-poor Project Monitoring and Evaluation: Enhancing monitoring and easing evaluation. INL CONSULTING approach to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is rooted in best practice, particularly the DCED Standard and it is designed to deliver timely, clearly written and easily assessable report. Our experts are well trained and have considerable experience in developing M&E systems and controls in market systems development projects.

The use of mobile technology also enables donor programmes to achieve accurate, mobile-based data collection for day to day tracking of beneficiary progress and data analysis of the entire population’s personal and enterprise data online anywhere in real-time. This empowers intervention teams to remotely generate reliable baseline and impact assessments with reduced costs and monitoring fatigue.

INL Verido Services: Pioneering data-driven micro consulting services. The INLVerido service centres of a team of dedicated field consultants who are responsible for ensuring that data is collected via our mobile application, analysed, and reported for improved SME performance. Based on monthly performance reports generated by the INLVerido App, Field Consultants provide in-person MicroConsulting services to App users 4 times a month. Our micro-consulting services are geared towards reinforcing the behavioural changes required to improve business performance.

Supplier Benchmarking: Powering improved supplier performance. Buyers are constantly seeking ways to ensure consistent, quality supply from their SME suppliers. INLVerido’s benchmarking service is the linchpin of any successful procurement strategy- purchased by participating buyers for use by their suppliers. Data from participating SMEs suppliers can be used to present to suppliers advice on how to improve their processes and practices in order to ensure consistent supply. While the information can be packaged and presented to new suppliers to clearly demonstrate how their activities and investments need to change in order to become quality suppliers.

Access to Finance: We help increase the availability of financial services for individuals as well as SMEs by addressing both supply and demand side constraints. On the supply side we help financial institutions better understand the profile and needs of their SME and individual customers; assisting them to match their financial products to appropriate customers. On the demand side our INLVerido App assists SMEs keep up-to-date and accurate business records critical to accessing finance. While our ability to facilitate chipped pre-payment cards exposes new entrants to the formal financial sector.


The INLVerido App is an innovative subscription-based online and mobile platform that is revolutionising the way in which entrepreneurs receive business advisory services. Our user-friendly App collects, analyses, and reports daily transactional information in real-time and provides monthly performance reports to empower SMEs to better manage their businesses.

For increased impact, the INLVerido can be couple with the INLVerido Service. The INLVerido service centres on a team of dedicated field consultants who based on performance reports generated by the INLVerido APP provide micro-consulting services to App users 4 times a month. www.INLVerido.com

  • No fuss record keeping to track most profitable product and service.
  • Instant, real time analysis of individual cost items on tablet and mobile phone
  • Tracks credit sales, auto alert to chase credit customers for payment.
  • Analysis and alert system to remind customer of repayment date.
  • Generates business records to access loan from financial institutions.
  • Weekly visit from your dedicated Expert Business Consultant


INLConsulting is an independent private sector development consulting firm established in 2007 by a group of development practitioners passionate about improving the ability of SMEs and emerging commercial farmers to implement competitive operating and business strategies and using those experiences to inform donor and government approaches to SME and small-holder farmer development.

At INLConsulting, we recognise the important role SMEs and farmers play in the economic growth and development of transition and emerging economies. Working with our development partners to improve SME and farm competitiveness and performance in emerging markets is at the core of everything we do.


We work with donor agencies and programmes, foundations, financial institutions, business membership organisations, individual business and farms to improve business and farm competitiveness and performance in emerging markets. Below is a list of select clients

Growth and Employment in States (GEMS)
Growth and Employment in States (GEMS)
Meat and Leather Goods is a DFID-funded programme that seeks to increase growth, income and employment, especially for poor men and women, in meat and leather markets in selected states.
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Simo Kruyts
PropCom Mai-karfi
PropCom Mai-karfi is a DFID funded market development programme operating in Northern Nigeria which seeks to raise the incomes by up to 50% for more than half a million people in northern Nigeria, half of them women.
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Jorge Canaveral
Market Development for the Niger Delta (MADE)
Market Development for the Niger Delta (MADE) is 4.5 year DFID-funded programme which aims to increase the incomes of 150,000 people, 50% of whom have to be women, by 50%.
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